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1 year closed4.29 %
2 year closed4.40 %
3 year closed4.39 %
4 year closed4.44 %
5 year closed4.49 %
7 year closed4.89 %
10 year closed4.99 %
5 Year Closed Variable3.70 %
Open Variable4.70 %

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Vacation Homes

Spend quality time in your vacation property.

More Canadians than ever before are now spending quality time in their own vacation property. Cottages are now providing family memories for many average Canadians, who are taking advantage of the great low rates, and the innovative new mortgage products that put these getaway homes within reach!


*Subject to approved credit, income verification and meeting lending credit granting criterea. Applies to residential mortgages only and some conditions may apply. O.A.C., E.O.E All content is subject to change without notice.