Welcome TSSC  Members!

Players Plus is delighted to introduce a new program to help TSSC members save money on their mortgages.  Advent Mortgage Services is among the highest volume mortgage brokers in Canada so they can negotiate low mortgage rates, most often lower than you can get on your own and usually with the same banks you go to every day.  Advent works for you, not the lenders, so their advice is based on your needs, in your best interest. And their service is FREE!

Exclusive Discount for TSSC Members

Advent will reduce the best rate they can negotiate by a further .05% for TSSC members. That’s enough to save another $672 in interest on a typical $450,000 5-year mortgage over and above the savings from the low rates Advent can provide. 

Current Mortgage Rates

  Low Rate TSSC Rate 
 1 year Closed  
 1.69%  1.49%
 5 year Closed 
 5 year Variable  2.25%  2.20%


Rates are subject to change. Some conditions apply. Please call for details. 

Why work with Advent?

Advent essentially shops the lending marketplace on your behalf. In the time it might take you to arrange a single appointment, Advent will identify the lenders that can meet your needs and negotiate the best possible rates. Advent works with more than 30 lenders including many of Canada’s Big Banks, lenders that work only with brokers and others that specialize in meeting the unique needs of home owners with bruised credit. 

How much can you save?

  • A 2013 survey by Mortgage Professional Canada found that every one of 2,100 respondents received a discount to lenders’ posted 5-year rates but the amount of the discount varied by up to 1%. The difference between a 3.75% rate and a 2.75% rate on a typical $450,000 mortgage is a whopping $13,271 in interest over a 5-year term. Advent’s purchasing power works in your favour and because their business is important to lenders, they get good service which means you do too. 

    More than 46% of Canadian home owners, including 56% of first-time buyers, now obtain their mortgage through a broker, to save time and money. 


Call Jim Tourloukis, MBA, Principal Broker  1-866-503-2505

Service you can depend on, advice you can trust, lenders you know.
Mortgage renewal, refinancing or your first home, Advent can help you save money!

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