OSPE is delighted to provide an Engineersfirst partner that can help you save money on your mortgage. Advent Mortgage Services is the #1 ranked mortgage broker in Canada by volume (CMP 2013) so they can negotiate low rates, most often lower than than you can negotiate on your own and usually with the same lenders you go to. Advent works for you, not the lenders, so their advice is based on your needs alone, in your best interest. For advice you can trust, service you can depend on and lenders you know, call Advent. They can help you save money.  And, their service is FREE to OSPE members!  

Exclusive Discount for OSPE Members and Staff

Advent will reduce the best rate they can negotiate by a further .05% for OSPE members, staff and their families. This discount alone results in savings of $1,000 on a typical $425,000 mortgage over 5 years, over and above the savings provided by the most competitive rate Advent can find. Renewal, refinancing or your first home, Advent can help you save money! 

Current Mortgage Rates (rates subject to change. some conditions apply. call for details)

  Low Rate OSPE Rate 
 2 year Closed  
 2.74%  2.69%
 5 year Closed 
 5 year Variable  1.59%  1.54%


Advent accesses more than 40 lenders including many of the Big 6 Canadian Chartered Banks and lenders that specialize in meeting unique needs. This ensures that Advent can provide a mortgage solution for virtually every home owner.  


A recent CAAMP report noted that the average rate discount available from Canadian Banks in 2013 was 2.15 percentage points off the posted rate for a 5-year closed term. Every one of 2,200 home owners surveyed received a discount, however, the amount of the discount varied by more than 1 percentage point. The difference between a 3.67% rate and a 2.67% rate is $20,100 in interest on a $425,000 mortgage over a 5-year term. Advent's purchasing power and their relationships with lenders let them consistently negotiate the maximum discount for their clients
Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals' Annual State of the Residential Mortgage Market in Canada November 2013

How you benefit from working with Advent   

Per the CMHC, 45% of home owners in Canada now obtain their mortgage through a broker including 56% of first-time buyers. More choose Advent than any other broker in Canada because of their outstanding service and expertise, their ability to negotiate the lowest rates and access to many lenders' products.

  • Save time and money
    • A professional, licensed mortgage consultant handles all lender contact and negotiations and ensures that everything is in order well ahead of the closing date.
    • P. Eng's are eligible for home equity lines of credit at Prime + 0.25%
  • No fees. No obligation consultations.
  • Mortgage renewal, refinancing or your first home, Advent can help you save money!
  • Advice you can trust, service you can depend on, lenders you know.
  • CALL Jim Tourloukis, MBA, President & Principal Broker 416-721-2063
  • FSCO Lic. #10149 
  • jimt@adventmortgage.ca